Womb Wellness

Information that can help you have better periods or moon cycles, boost fertility and eliminate fibroids.
This information is not given based on consultation with a medical professional. This information I have learned for myself and have seen the benefits in my own experience. I just wish to share.

Nine Womb Juices

Livity (Diet) Enhancement for Healing PMS and Painful Periods

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
Whether it is with big salads, lots of green veggies, green powder smoothies, hemp oil, coconut oil, Evening Primrose oil, or a natural supplement like the Alive! Brand, make sure you are boosting Vitamin C & K, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Manganese. They will reduce hormonal imbalance which leads to irregularity, heavy bleeding, vomiting, faintness, low blood pressure and cramping. Always read up on the dosage, effects and warnings of any supplement before taking.
Anemia can be a leading cause of bad periods, definitely avoid the pills they give you and instead drink blackstrap molasses dissolved in water. 2 tsp contains 2.4 mg of iron. Also eat these iron rich foods which also are sources of the other vitamins and minerals listed above.
Plant-based Foods Rich in iron: lentils, kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, quinoa, millet, brown rice, oatmeal, flax, .pumpkin/squash seeds, pine nuts, cashew, almonds, macadamia nuts, unhulled sesame seeds, pistachio nuts, dark chocolate, raisins, prunes, dried apricots, cooked dark leafy greens – beet, kale, swiss chard, amaranth/callalloo, spinach, turnip greens.

Herbal Teas and Supplements

When talking herbal teas I don’t mean the average supermarket green teas that are rich in caffeine or whatever. I mean organic herbs that you can find in your local health food store, herbalist shop or online vendor. Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years to tone, strengthen, detoxify and prepare the womb for its flourishing and eliminating periods. The most popular and accessible herbs best for the womb are: dandelion; red raspberry; marijuana leaf, root or flower; ginger root, black cohosh, primrose or hemp oils and dong quai/Chinese angelica. Also listed in the African Holistic Health text by Dr. Afrika are Shepherd’s Purse, Cramp Bark, Chaste/Vilitex, Blessed Thistle, Alum Root, Vitamin K, Gingko and Kava Kava.
If you’re not really a tea person, that’s okay, because you can take these herbs in pill form as daily supplements. Ankhology is one vendor that provides this service.
Always read up on the dosage, effects and warnings of herbs before taking. Ask advice from someone who has good knowledge of teas (an herbalist or elder) or a Sistren who has been using them for a long time, to learn more about best practices.

Do: drink turmeric tea, ganja tea, lemon water, red raspberry, or ginger tea

Don’t: drink coffee often – avoid it during the week before and week of your menstruation.

Extra Hydration

The most popular foods and drinks that we consume daily in the mainstream culture are dehydrating foods and diuretics. These foods cause the cells in the body to become depleted because the body is working extra-hard to digest and process the sugar or caffeine. Just breathing, urinating, sweating, sneezing and coughing can also cause us to lose water storage. The skin also is the prime victim aside from the kidneys and womb, that suffers from a lack of water because all the toxins in the foods come out onto the skin, as they were not flushed out by water and other healthy fluids. Keeping hydrated will not only help keep the womb decongested and cramp-free but balance out or even reduce PMS acne. Extra hydration will increase blood flow around the womb, reducing acidity, clotting and cramping.
Natural fresh fruit juices and a gallon of water a day are recommended by raw vegans, and this rule could really make a change in the heaviness, clotting and length of your flow. Ideally, don’t sweat the numbers, don’t force it either, just drink as much as you can – even opt for 14 or 20 ounces of water or fresh juice instead of a craving. Start and end the day with 16 oz of water at least – lemon, lime or orange water is even better. Apart from citrus-water, fresh cold-pressed juices (like beet and orange) and water create an alkaline environment in the womb. A small bit of apple cider vinegar in water also helps to increase the alkalinity of the blood.

No: pasteurized juice (or at least limit yourself to one glass watered down), white vinegar, coffee, dairy drink, soda or alcohol. These are stimulants for pain and cramping. Coffee also dehydrates the body, so extra fluids need to be put in to combat the effects of caffeine. Again, moderation and self- control are necessary where problem foods are concerned.

Drink water often and coconut water when possible.

Foods that dehydrate the body:

Sugar (in coffee, tea, snacks, pasteurized juices, baked goods etc)
Coffee/ caffeine (more than 1-2 cups, black coffee)
Processed foods with sugar, flour, wheat/grains, dairy, chocolate
Alcohol and fermented Roots drinks (high yeast and sugar content)
Sports drinks (the body needs water to burn off the sugar)
Soy sauce (not more than a couple dashes, opt for liquid coconut aminos instead)
Asparagus, celery, parsley and artichokes (diuretics so use in moderation)
Salty foods/snacks (water is used to digest/expel the extra sodium)
High-protein intake (water is used to digest nitrogen)
High protein intake in general causes cramping and other PMS issues, so definitely a well-balanced meal plan with more raw fruits or lightly cooked vegetables is recommended overall.

From this list of we can see that our usual meals, snacks and drinks are often filled with these dehydrating foods. This one point about our current meal habits is enough in itself to create a clearer picture of the type of heavy stress the average hueman body experiences on a daily basis just by processing food to give us energy. Whether curing the womb or adapting to a raw-vegan or Ital lifestyle, it always comes down to strict moderation of meals and cravings, as well as getting comfortable with eating as natural and unprocessed as possible. Veggies and fruit are ultimately the better source of because they are abundantly rich in water.

Smoking also dehydrates the body – avoid tobacco altogether. It is better to steep/boil, dab, vaporize or steam marijuana, rather than to smoke it in a spliff/joint. However, steaming and vaporization are still not as healthy as eating or drinking the herb.

Live Foods

When there is not enough water and live or raw food meals and juices in your daily meal plan, and too much wheat, protein, dairy, flesh foods, saturated fats and processed, cooked foods instead; PMS problems and a long uncomfortable traumatic cycle are expected. Cooked and processed foods cause Oestrogen imbalance and Fibroids which are a big deal when it comes to severe PMS.
Oestrogen imbalance or hormonal imbalance is a common reason for the most annoying premenstrual and menstrual dis-ease symptoms: mood swings, excessive hunger for sweets and gluten rich foods, bloating, swollen ankles, breast lumps, heavy and long bleeding, vomiting and nausea, headaches and edema.
Fibroids in the womb also cause a lot of hormonal issues, so feeding fibroids with dehydrating, unhealthy foods will directly affect Oestrogen levels and raise PMS symptoms.

Do: eat plenty of fresh foods/beverages/water, whole grains instead of processed grains (but reduce grain intake), cruciferous veggies and foods rich in B vitamins, fruits and vegetables rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin C, sea vegetables, Omega 3 capsules.

Don’t eat: soy, heavy white foods or foods with milk, milk, gluten/wheat – white bread and break products, pasta, rice, sugar, corn and corn products, popular cereals, all sweets, cakes, cookies and pastries, pizza, ice cream, latte, milkshake, yoghurt, white potatoes, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, artificial sweeteners, red meat/flesh.
These foods all contribute to the growth of fibroids and/or oestrogen imbalance.

Live foods keep the blood in a state of alkalinity, which also means there is no build-up of stimulants, dairy and gluten to cause clotting and the growth of fibroids. Ideally, foods that are anti-inflammatory will reduce cramps as well. Colloidal silver which is a natural anti-biotic may also help cleanse the blood.

EAT and JUICE LOTS of FRUITS, especially the watery or juicy kind like cucumber, watermelon, citruses like oranges and the like and pineapple, limes and lemons which are good to rid the body of mucus caused by processed foods, avocado the superfood, apples, pawpaw to cleanse the body of oily foods and anything else that is in season. Red fruits are good if organic, as they heal and activate the root chakra or reproductive area which is being cleansed and prepared for the cycle.
Remember to prewash all raw foods before consumption.

Top Plant-based Healers for Happy Periods
Red raspberry tea
Dong Quai

Ancient Whole Grains
Anyone who eats wheat on a daily basis, several times a day in all types of forms and dishes, will have some sort of discomfort or illness in the body – allergies and sinus issues, bad periods, mood swings, weight gain, constipation, blood disorders, Celiac disease and cancer to name a few. Wheat is definitely a mucus-causing acidic food. It is also a hybrid food and should be avoided.
Organic Whole grains (wild rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet, kamut) are better than the GMO brand of grains – and wheat, soy, yellow corn and white/brown rice are generally GMO products.
Grains on the whole can also cause cramps if over-eaten though, but they can be eaten once or twice a day providing protein, iron, Omega 3/6 and a range of other important nutrients.

No: bleached flour or regular processed wheat products made from such, like pasta and bread. Spelt is a better alternative but this too must be limited to once a day or a few times a week or even not at all depending on how raw you wish to go in your livity. Spelt still contains gluten, and the best menstrual results come with gluten-free eating or severely limited gluten intake. Totally eliminate or strictly limit other heavy foods like white rice, pasta and potato and substitute with sweet potato, brown basmati/black/wild rice and quinoa/amaranth pasta or other grains such as millet and kamut. Chickpea, quinoa or almond flour can be used as substitutes to wheat flour.

All- Natural Menstrual Tools and Clothing
Unfortunately, sanitary napkins or pads and tampons are big causes of heavy bleeding. They contain many toxic chemicals such as bleach which hemorrhage the womb. Every month these chemicals and scents cause the womb to bleed more than it needs to! Wearing tampons can even cause death by toxemia. Today, many wombmen are going back to the natural way of catering to their periods by making or buying cotton, cloth pads. But they are not very practical for those who have a heavy period. Honeypot provides natural disposable sanitary napkins.
Now there is the menstrual cup! A silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina and pushed up to the cervix. It takes a bit of practice and use to get the hang of it, but it certainly is worth a try. It saves money on pads and tampons, allows us to be environmentally conscious, and protect our bodies at the same time. The cotton pad can also work as a panty shield or liner as there can be spills when the cup isn’t fitted properly or when it becomes full.

It is also really important to wear only cotton underwear as a rule. I also think that tight-pants wearing arrests the womb. Pants that are loose and flowing skirts allow the womb to breathe. Tight clothing clings to the body unnaturally. The skin is an organ and it is suffocated by spandex and all the other synthetic fabrics our cloths and underwear are made from. The vagina and the womb are being arrested by tight clothing – the womb area is under pressure by tight clothing and like the skin is not allowed to breathe. Too much heat accumulates and this causes discomfort especially when on the period. Not only men have their private parts on the outside. our vaginas need air and comfort as much as the male loins. Think of our tribal mothers (and fathers) who wear beautiful colourful or plain white cotton fabrics wrapped around themselves. What about the cloaks and tunics of the Eastern nations – the heat demands that we dress in a way that allows all members of the anatomy to breathe freely as much as the lungs.

No vaccinations and birth control and diet pills. With this Womb Wellness Livity there is no need for PAINKILLERS as problems can be assessed and eliminated by listening to the body and educating the mind on what is harmful and beneficial to the body temple, and what plants and herbs are healing to the problems.

NATURAL GARMENTS all day every day if possible, natural fabrics and nothing constricting that is ill-fitting to the yoni and the womb area.

Use colour therapy and wear a solid colour for your time of healing and mooncycle to allow the healing of that colour’s energy go to work in the mind and body. Every colour vibrates a certain characteristic in the personality and can be used, just as symbols can, to consciously attain said energies. Colour is melanin, all pigments are Melanin based and therefore are transferring Light and healing energy. Colour therapy and also Crystal energy revitalization are both valid healing channels worth personal investigation, See Sacred Woman by Queen Afua for more information


Exercising every day is key to a healthy body and mind in general. It keeps the blood healthier because exercise promote detoxification. Detoxing through sweat reduces congestion in the blood and the womb. Yoga for example, also tones and strengthens the womb. There are particular exercises promoted by Queen Afua that cater specifically to the womb. The book Sacred Woman contains the yoga poses.

Reduced Exposure To Radiation and Cold

Do not place or keep devices near the body, do not use a laptop on your lap – the radiation goes straight to the womb causes cramps and reduces the health of the body’s cells. Rest nothing in the womb area for more than a few seconds, and also observe the same care with the rest of the body. Use devices only when necessary, break the habit of carrying them on the body such as a pocket or in the bra.
When the time to bleed is upon those of us who experience bad PMS, we get a certain heaviness in our pelvis area, and a gravitational pull kicks in as well. The body feels cold and fatigued as well. This is the anemic response in the body as well. When this PMS time starts, keep warm. It is good to avoid walking barefoot when PMS and menstruation are happening. Use a hot water bottle and heavy blanket if necessary, as they can help with cramping pains. I use a pashmina and slippers at night.

Positive Attitude

There is nothing that can put any remedy into action to produce a positive result, better than a positive mind. You must be 100% positive and confident in your ability to heal yourself first before any food or activity can benefit your body.
You must also be absolutely willing to do what is necessary to heal.
Overcoming food addiction is literally one of the hardest things any of us have to endure on the path to healing. You read and you learn about the dangers of what you eat, and yet the taste of your favourite food, the poison itself, and the satisfaction you feel over-rides all common sense.
Self-healing requires us to grow some mighty big kahunas. We must tell our favourite foods “Get behind me Satan!” Most of all, we must remind ourselves regularly: “I’m worth it. I am worth the freedom from pain and suffering.” The only way to be free is to develop a serious, unwavering positive attitude; and love self above all.
When that happens, then positive results can come to pass, and then we can feel good and positive about life.
It won’t be easy, but the results will totally make up for the loss. Use the healthy substitutes and create new dishes that taste just as amazing – there’s a substitute for everything!

Avoid these for a Happy Period

Processed sugar, sweeteners, dyes, preservative
Processed white and whole wheat flour in cereals, baked goods, breads, pasta, snacks
White rice and potato (to a lesser extent brown rice)
Radiation to the womb

The Best Foods for the Yoni

Citrus fruits
Beet (note this is not Dr. Sebi approved but i have found beetroot juice to be an excellent cramp reducer)
Greens of all kinds
Cruciferous veggies
Sea moss

Causes of PMS and Painful Periods

Too low or high Estrogen
High Progesterone
Uterine Fibroids
Thyroid imbalance
Junk foods
Mineral Imbalance (Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Iodide, Potassium, Calcium)
Organ Stress such as liver stress, adrenal gland exhaustion
Ruptured follicles
Varicose veins
Inadequate nutrition
Mucus and congestion in womb/body

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