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Nine Moon Cycle Juices

Here are a few of my juice recipes that can help reduce PMS and painful, heavy periods!


Nine is the sacred goddess and yonic number. The following nine coldpressed juices will not only boost the body with essential vitamins and minerals, but detox the womb of mucus and other cramp-causing dis-ease. Drink the week before and during the period for best results, if not every day.

Coldpressed Womb Juice

3 beets
2 stalks celery
1 carrot (optional)
1 apple/1 pear
5 leaves or 1 head of greens (lettuce, kale)
1 thumb ginger
leaves dandelion greens (optional)

Run through juicer after washing thoroughly and removing seeds and cores

Coldpressed Solar Senses

2 stalks and leaves of celery
2 carrots (optional)
1 tsp flax oil
1 thumb ginger
3 thumbs turmeric
4-6 oranges, juice extracted.
star fruit (optional)
greens (optional)

Juice oranges separately. Juice the other ingredients and then combine with orange juice.

Glow Juice
¼ pineapple
1 large beet
1 apple
3 stalks celery
1 thumb ginger
2 leaves kale
5 leaves lettuce or 1 head

Wash thoroughly. Remove stems, cores and seeds, run through the juicer.

This juice is sweet and delicious!


3 beets
2 oranges
1 large carrot
3 cucumbers
thumb ginger

Run beet, ginger, carrot and cucumbers through the juicer. extract orange juice separately and combine.

Green Dream

3 large cucumbers
2-3 apples
1 cup pineapple (optional)
3 kale
5 lettuce (or 1 head)
2 stalks celery
1 cup organic spinach
1 thumb ginger
1 bunch sweet basil or other mint
½ a large lemon or 1 small lime

Remove seeds and cores and run through the juicer after a thorough wash.

Citrus Ginger Drink

4-6 or more ripe oranges, juice extracted
1 ripened grapefruit
4 of any other type of juicy citrus like tangerines etc.
Half thumb ginger, peeled and grated

Choose citrus that is soft to touch to get the most juice. Smell them to make sure they are not sour.

Use a citrus juice extracting machine or hand to extract juice.

Mix together, and allow to draw while chilling. Strain off ginger pieces if desired

Serve chilled to cleanse body of mucus rejuvenate and awaken the body and mind.

Spring Cleaning Juice

2-3 Apples or kiwi
1 large Cucumber
1 Lemon, juice extracted
1 grapefruit juice extracted
1-2 oranges juice extracted
1 stalk Celery
4-6 leaves of greens
¾ cup coconut water

Extract seeds and cores after washing thoroughly.
Blend thoroughly to make a smoothies or use a juicer to make coldpressed.

Healing Womb

6 + strawberries
1 cup Beet juice
1 handful greens
1 stalk celery
1 tsp dandelion greens/powder or spirulina


To make the beet juice, using a Nutribullet, blend one beet with enough water to fill up to the max line on the large cup of the Nutribullet. Strain the puree from the juice. Add all the other ingredients and blend again.


Do you have a low blood count? So you suffer with anemia, fibroids or bad periods? Are you feeling lethargic, faint, dizzy, or just out of it? My Ironade is sure to help boost you up! Drink this to make yourself feel better and improve your blood. Might I add it is quite thirst quenching and you can use it to substitute pasteurized juices!

½ tsp blackstrap molasses
13 -16 ounces water
½ a small lime or 2 tsp lemon/lime juice

Use a spoon to stir or place in a bottle and shake. I usually make mine directly into a small water bottle then shake it up. Use half cold half room temperature water if drinking immediately, otherwise chill a little before consumption. Too cold and the molasses will be harder to dissolve.

However, please note that Ironade should NOT be consumed on a daily basis because molasses is strong in sugar and iron and therefore can boost the iron and sugar levels in the body which is NOT good. Too much iron can affect the liver. Therefore drink when you are expecting your period or even once a week for the most otherwise.

Ila’s Womb Juice: I-Juice

The Womb Juice is a juice I created for my womb, to heal myself from monthly moon cycle issues mainly cramping and heavy flow. It works because it strengthens and builds up the blood and energy levels. My Kingman finds it refreshing and rejuvenating after the gym or coming in from a hot day. For us, it not only refreshes but soothes cravings for sweet sugary juices.

Drink this juice daily for overall health. But for dealing with the womb, drink it the seven days before and during the womb cycle. This juice is so forgiving, that if you have days of eating poorly – foods that will negatively affect the moon cycle such as dairy and white flour - you can still ease a painful period. You can even drink it abundantly a couple days before your cycle and still feel relief. Beets are rich in calcium, iron, potassium and even protein which altogether will boost the body in time for blood loss.

You may use a juicer to make the juice, which will require more beets. I prefer to use a blender and plenty water to dilute, and then strain it to make a full jug. Beets can be well diluted.

If you have a Nutribullet, your juice will be richer and sweeter. The blender works fine but it doesn’t blend the beet down to very fine puree like the Nutribullet, thus extracting as much juice as possible . The Nutribullet can only make about 16 oz out of one large beet but the juice is richer, allowing you to make a fresh jar of juice each day. 

Ideally 7 large beets for 7 days is what you will need. If you wish to dilute the 16 oz to make 1 litre you can but it won’t be as rich in taste. Basically, you make the amount you can based on the jug you are using and the size of your blender. You can use as many beets as you wish and make your juice as large as you wish. The more water, the more beets, or the less water the more concentrated the juice.

To make this drink you need:

2 beets or 1 really big one
1 full large thumb ginger
½ a lemon/lime, juice extracted
16 oz to 1 litre water (depending on the size of your blender and jug)
A large bowl
1 jug or mason jar (16 oz-1 litre)

Boil water and allow to cool until it is only slightly warm, or use drinking water.

Peel the beets and ginger. Cut into chunks. Blend them with half a blender full of the water, or fill water up to maximum line on the large cup of the Nutribullet.

Using a strainer, pour into a large bowl. You will press out the beet puree/pulp with a spoon. Then use the clean strainer again and pour from the bowl into the storage jug. In other words, strain twice.

Extract the juice of the lemon or lime and add to the beet-ginger juice at this point.

Chill and drink daily!

You can drink any of these juices just to maintain basic daily health, for man or wombman.
Blessed Love

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